Pizz Top 5

Individual Accomplishments

25 PB’s Broken
43 Fish 7lbs and above (8 being over 9lbs)
Double Digit Carp Glide (10lbs 4oz)
Drift won Freeze Tournament
Shadley FG placed 2nd in SBU Tournament

100% HYPE

Another successful season!
The 2023 season was a stellar year with many accomplishments. I’m proud of everyone that broke their PB’s this year, and I’m happy to be part of that story. These numbers’ are just what I know of, and there could be many more that just don’t get posted or reported. Congrats again to the king ‘Shadley II’, for being the top producing bait of the year. The Runt Wake had more broken PBs by (2) than the S2, but the sheer size and numbers’ of fish caught by the S2 gave it a huge push to be number one.
It’s truly amazing to see all the numbers’ put up this year, i know it would be tough, but I hope to break these numbers in 2024. Which baits do you think will make the list this year?!


I am loving this new @theslaunchmob x @f5_rods Rod. Super responsive on the feels. Looking forward to getting it out on the water to wrastle in some largies 
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Since everyone likes these, I reordered them but with a blue border instead. Will start with hats as soon as they arrive. #pizzswimbaits
Beast Glides still got it! 
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With a decade of bait building experience you can expect one of the highest quality performing baits on the market. Pizz Swimbaits have been put to the test and have caught fish all over the world. When you have a Pizz Swimbait tied on, you instantly feel a sense of confidence on the water knowing the next cast could be ‘the one’. Not only am I creating excellent baits but I am also creating memories and stories for you to share.

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We look forward to seeing you out there!