Check out this inside look of Pizz Swimbaits from a garage perspective. Get to know a little about the garage builder Paul Smith as you see a sample of what goes in to building swimbaits.

In this video you’ll see cast to catch footage by Blair Teichman. Blair is using the Gizzard Shad color on the Shadley FG glide bait to target large mouth bass.

Test video of the Pizz Swimbaits Beast Bluegill Wake 3 piece. A top water bait designed to create a wake or crank down subsurface.

Three casts, three stripers for Pizz and the Viking. Baits used were the Pizz Swimbaits DDT and the Huddleston 8″.

Bobby Humberston using the Pizz Swimbaits Shadley Glide bait in Florida. The Shadley is painted in the Gizzard Shad color.

Go Pro Hero 8 time-lapse of the madness that took place at the New England Fishing Expo in Boxborough, MA.