Rubber Bumpers (2 pair)

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Rubber Bumpers are used in many ways for swimbaits. Most commonly referred to as silencers, they are used in the joints to either limit the clacking sound of a bait or to lessen the gap the back end of the bait swings. Ideally these are used on glide baits.

How will bumpers affect your glide bait? By using bumpers, the gap between the bait will shorten. This will cause a bait to have less of a sharper turn. In essence the bait will glide out farther but you may lose some stability if the bait is moved too fast.

When it comes to a Glide bait there are so many ways you can tune or modify a bait. If you think your bait is turning too sharp or want to try these on your bait and see how much of a difference in action it creates, just add to cart.

SUGGESTION: These have a sticky back to them so try them first and if you like the action, remove and dab a spot of super glue gel for better adherence.

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2 sets = 4 total bumpers

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