March & April 24'

Shadley II/Beast Mode Glide/Trout Wake/Juvie Trout Crank


– Only the chosen BOTM will count for uploaded entry
– Must be full length cast to catch, to weighed, submission
– Biggest fish caught using BOTM wins (1) prize bait

– No music allowed
– Code Word must be stated

– Berkley Scales only
– Scale must be in Pounds and Ounces
– Video must show the entire fish being weighed on scale

– Angler must show inside the mouth prior to weighing
– Scale must be zeroed and visible, prior to weighing. Failure to show zeroes will result in a DQ
– Show final weight readout, if not visible, will result in a DQ

Code Word 'Patriot'

Entry deadline - 04/30/24 (9PM PST)
Results will not be posted until month end
There will be no regional divisions
Largemouth/Spotted bass, and Smallmouth are the only fish eligible for entry

PRIZE BAIT (1) - Sunny Swimmer

Sunny Swimmer

The Sunny Swimmer is a 3 piece swimmer style swimbait.

Length: 6.25″
Weight: 3.5oz
Hook Size: 2 or 3
Retail: $250

Upload your C2C entry here

NOTE - videos submitted will be used on social media throughout the season
Still unsure if your c2c entry meets all criteria?
Check out this example, submitted by Bo